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It is a cash donation fund that was established in response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, in partnership between the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development and the General Authority for Endowments, according to a specific mission represented in providing broad services to those affected by the pandemic, including relief services and community services. The Fund receives contributions from individuals and institutions and implements initiatives through accredited NGOs that have the ability to reach beneficiaries and verify their needs.

Supporting government agencies in responding to crises and disasters by motivating the private and civil sectors, individuals and institutions to finance and implement relief and support initiatives that mitigate the social and economic impacts resulting from these crises and disasters.

  • improve living
  • Community participation by volunteering.
  • damage mitigation.
  • Achieving solidarity and social integration.
  • Increase community contributions.

  • Providing service, material and in-kind assistance to those affected.
  • Mobilizing and employing community efforts to reduce harm.
  • Financing relevant community initiatives and projects.

  • The most needy families.
  • Hawkers.
  • productive families.
  • Unemployed workers.
  • communities.

The most prominent initiatives

Our food is one initiative

This initiative is one of the initiatives of the Community Fund to support all families affected by citizens and others in all regions of the Kingdom as a result of the Corona crisis, and aims to mitigate the repercussions and effects of the Corona pandemic on the groups most in need and most affected by this pandemic by providing food baskets.

Ramadan Iftar Initiative

This initiative is one of the initiatives of the Community Fund and aims to provide breakfast meals for those affected by the Corona pandemic during the holy month of Ramadan, as they are provided in the form of hot or dry meals or food baskets, according to what suits each category of beneficiaries, citizens and others, and according to the conditions of the curfew in the country. Each region, as this campaign includes all regions of the Kingdom.

Major contributors


Governmental entities

316,893,300 SR


The banking sector

101,084,00 SR


private sector

27,350,039 SR


Donor institutions

23,900,000 SR



2,128,126 SR

Fund correspondence form

You can communicate with the Fund through the Fund's correspondence form

Fund partners


Support the fund

  • Account name: Community Fund - Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development
  • Bank name: Al Rajhi Bank
  • Account number: 362608011050004
  • IBAN: SA7180000362608011050004