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The Ministry relies on the national open data platform for all the electronic gateway visitors and the beneficiaries because the Ministry believes in the transparency principle and in order to make available the data to motivate electronic collaboration and participation which enables the beneficiaries from utilizing the available data and use it whenever needed. The ways of benefitting from this data:

  • Supporting the academic research.

  • Supporting the businesses and the new projects.

  • Support taking and making decisions.

Encouragement of innovation through upgrading the installed applications to consolidate and synthesizing the information from different sources by making available the group of data released by the Ministry. The electronic gateway provides reports and various statistics that enable the users to classify filter and analyze it upon need in the forms that make it easy to process and re-use according to the nature of the available data. E.g (XLS): The electronic collaboration channels have also been activated to receive the open data beneficiaries’ opinions and suggestions via login to Request Open Data in addition to making electronic evaluation available on all published data.

You can view the open data of the ministry at the Saudi Open Data Gate by clicking here