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Information Security

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (HRSD) pays great attention to the Kingdom Vision 2030. One of HRSD core objectives is to realize transformation towards the digital world. Therefore, the Information Security Department (ISD) ultimately aims to create a safe working environment at HRSD, by ensuring the protection of information assets and maintaining their confidentiality, integrity and availability when needed.

ISD Vision & Objectives

  • Developing an integrated strategy that includes risk assessment and analysis, and ensuring the safety and security of all systems on an ongoing basis.
  • Realizing the highest degree of commitment to cybersecurity controls issued by the National Cyber ​​Security Authority to ensure that risks to information and technical assets are minimized.
  • Adopting information security policies and procedures to direct all HRSD employees, and ensure protection of information assets.
  • Monitoring and protecting all HRSD networks and systems, detect cyber-attacks and hack attempts, and quickly responding thereto, to prevent their occurrence or limit their effects.
  • Complying with information security international standards (e.g., ISO27001), to manage and protect information assets securely and confidentially.
  • Providing interactive awareness programs covering all critical themes in information security, risks and threats to raise awareness of all HRSD employees.

Information security is one of the most important foundations for the work of the Ministry’s various sectors since it is closely related to work implementation and the electronic provision of services in a swift, flexible, and accurate manner.
In addition, it enables achieving the required level of protection for ICT assets and  data through a secure infrastructure
under the best technical and security standards, and legislative and regulatory requirements, including:

  •  Controls and guidance issued by the National Cybersecurity Authority Click here
  • Anti-Cyber Crime Law Click here
  •  Electronic Transactions Law Click here
  •  Communications Law Click here
  •  Penal Law on Dissemination and Disclosure of Classified Information and Documents Click here