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شعار وزارة الموارد البشرية والتنمية الاجتماعية

Client page (Complaints and Reports)

It is possible through the portal (Client page): to submit a complaint or request to communicate with His Excellency the Minister. It is a portal whose direct goal is to integrate the work of the ministry and society.

It works to increase the effectiveness of electronic communication and raise the percentage of public participation in the partnership on the directions of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development. This portal also achieves communication with customers about the Ministry's various works and services.


National platform for rehabilitation and social guidance

A government platform concerned with providing community support and protection and serving the groups most dear to our hearts, including people with disabilities, the elderly, and orphans. It also helps our partners from rehabilitation centers to provide services that meet their needs


National platform for volunteer work

A Saudi incubator for volunteer work that provides a safe environment that serves and organizes the relationship between the agencies providing volunteer opportunities and volunteers in the Kingdom.


The National Donation Platform “Donate”

The easiest solution to connect the donor to the needy in all regions and cities of the Kingdom through a transparent donation process under the supervision and governance of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.


Ajeer platform

The Ajeer program contributes to organizing temporary work, facilitating access to the labor force, and raising the efficiency of the labor market by benefiting from the labor force available inside the Kingdom as an alternative to recruitment.


Mrn Platform

It is a program that enables the Saudi job seeker and the employer to contract flexibly, as the wage is on an hourly basis (the lowest wage unit) without commitment to any other benefits such as: Paid vacations Indemnity No trial period required


Teleworking platform

The Telework Program “is one of the important national initiatives launched by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development with the aim of bridging the gap between business owners and those looking for them, who face several obstacles between them and their obtaining suitable job opportunities.


Qiwa Platform

The main digital platform for all services of the Saudi labor system and the unified interface to organize and follow up all transactions between the various parties to the system, including employees and government and private establishments, in an automated and immediate manner without the need for paper transactions. And even retirement in support of all the services and tools that add value to this journey.

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Musaned platform for domestic workers

The Musaned platform is a comprehensive online platform for the experience of bringing domestic workers in an integrated manner. It aims to facilitate the procedures for recruiting domestic workers and increase the level of preserving the rights of all parties by introducing employers and domestic workers to their rights and duties.

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