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Community Development Agency

Short Brief about the Agency:

Community Development Agency plays a vital role, as it is the executive entity of the National Strategy for Social Development, the entity in charge of meeting the development needs in different areas (heat map), a partner in the National Strategy for Youth Empowerment and the technical supervisor over the national associations and institutions. Further, the Agency plays a key role in encouraging the non-profit sector entities and organizations to undertake their roles, empowering them to perform their responsibilities, participate in achieving sustainable development goals, enhancing the volunteering work culture, stimulating individuals and institutions to carry out volunteering work, and contributing to empowering the institutions to perform the social responsibility programs in accordance with the Kingdom Vision 2030, contributing to building a sustainable development that keeps up with the global changes and the cultural evolution witnessed by the Kingdom in all fields and supporting the development contribution in the gross domestic product.


Empowering and directing the cooperative sector towards the development work fields, which contributes to providing a decent life, achieving social growth, development, and stability for society in all its categories, giving effect to social participation and preventing the vulnerability and disintegration factors.

Scope of Responsibilities

  1. Participation in developing the development and social policies that meet society's requirements and support the local communities in a variety of cases to increase the life quality through giving effect to the social service centers (social development centers).
  2. Communication in cooperation with the organization, committees, and other entities assigned to develop society to ensure integration, synergy, and effectiveness of efforts in order to achieve the desired result, including social investment and development needs.
  3. Assessment of partnerships related to the social responsibility of partnership with the private sector and empowerment of the social responsibility programs of companies.
  4. Management of communication with the social partners (governmental - private - non-profit sectors) to enrich the development need a map.
  5. Management of the technically supervising unit of the non-profit sector organizations and coordination with all HRSD sectors.
  6. Technical supervision over the social development centers through implementing social programs and activities
  7. Coordination with the governmental authorities and representation of HRSD in Social Development Strategy
  8. Provision of an interactive database with the authorities concerned with development needs to implement the Heat Map Project
  9. Establishment and governance of studies and research centers (being studied with the Bureau of Experts)
  10. Licensing and monitoring the performance of the cooperatives in financial and administrative terms
  11. Regulation, empowerment, and encouragement of the volunteering work in the Kingdom to achieve the targets.

Agency’s Key Role

  • Executive entity for the National Strategy for Social Development
  • The responsible authority for meeting the development needs in different areas (heat map)
  • Partner in the National Initiative for Youth Development
  • Technical supervisor of national associations and institutions