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Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development cares about the confidentiality and privacy of your personal data and recognizes the need for applying the appropriate protection measures in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations, and policies.

This Privacy Notice is intended to help you understand the type of personal data that we may collect about you through the Ministry's various channels, it also explains the purpose for which the data is collected, and how we will keep it safe.

It is important to be aware of how the ministry and its affiliated entities are using your personal data and to know your rights according to the regulations and legislations in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

By using the services provided by the ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, you agree and give your consent to this privacy notice with full knowledge of its legal significance acknowledge.

As amended from time to time according to the Kingdom policies and regulations, we urge you to constantly review the privacy notice.

1.1Contact Information:

Department/ Specialized team

Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development - Data Management Office


Riyadh – Al Mugharazat District, Imam Saud bin Abdulaziz bin Muhammad Road, P.O Box: 12484, Postal Code: 11157

Contact Number


E-mail Address

[email protected]


1.2 What is the personal data being collected? 

The data collected by the ministry varies, depending on the service being used and will include some or all the following:

  1. Account Data:

Includes usernames, passwords, contact numbers, emails, and personal address.

  1. Technical data:

Includes the Internet Protocol (IP) address.

  1. Financial data:

Includes income data as well as data collected for the purposes of making payments such as account number and credit card number.

  1. Health data:

Includes personal data related to an individual's health condition, whether physical, mental, psychological, or health services provided to an individual.

  1. Status definition Data:

May include social status data on beneficiaries receiving services from the Ministry or its affiliated entities.

  1. Educational:

Includes the educational qualifications data as a beneficiary receiving services of the Ministry or its affiliated entities.

  1. License data:

Includes the data of government facilities for the beneficiary, including licenses that are subject to the conditions and controls of government licenses.

  1. Employment data:

Includes the data of your employment as a beneficiary or of one of the establishments owned by the beneficiary.

  1. Asset and property data:

It includes the data of the asset and property owned by the beneficiary and registered with the government agencies concerned with the supervision of assets and property.

1.3 Data Collection Methods:

The ministry is collecting and processing some of the personal data directly or indirectly, using different methods as follows:

Direct methods include:

  • Services: when registering on the official channels of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, including mobile phone applications and various products or services.
  • Communication: When communicating with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development through customer service channels     .
  • Polls or surveys.

Indirect methods include:

  • Data collected from third parties.
  • Cookies.

1.4 The lawful basis and Purpose of which the Personal data is collected:

Processing is necessary for the performance of an operation carried out in the public interest as on which we collect and use your personal data to:

  • Enable the ministry and to provide the services and fulfil its requirements.
  • Issue of policies and conduct studies that serve work demands.
  • Resolve and handle the inquiries and the complaints filed by the beneficiaries.
  • Identify the beneficiary's preferences, enhance the level of service, and ensure the continuity of the high-end experience.
  • Authenticate the beneficiaries’ identity when registering in different ministry services.
  • Meet legal and organizational requirements.

1.5 Personal Data Sharing:

In accordance with the data sharing policy issued by the National Data Management Office, we will not share your personal data with non-governmental parties unless they are authorized to perform specific governmental services, or we have your consent to do so.

Also, we may share necessary personal data with governmental entities for specific purposes and based on a legal basis or justified practical need, or where sharing the personal data aims to achieve a public interest without causing any harm to national interests, entities activities, individuals’ privacy, or the environment safety, excluding the data or entities that is exempted by royal decrees.

Appropriate security controls are applied when sharing your information, to ensure a secure and reliable environment, according to the relevant laws, regulations, and policies.

Where deemed applicable, we may take additional steps to protect your information through signing a formal Data Sharing Agreement between the two parties, in obedience to specific terms and conditions that are compatible with data sharing principles.


1.6 Personal Data International Transfer 

In accordance with the applicable laws, your personal data will be stored and processed securely within the geographical borders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, aiming to ensure the preservation of the national digital sovereignty of the data.

However, there may be several cases as described in Article (29) of the Personal Data Protection Law, where your data may be transferred or processed outside the geographical borders of the Kingdom.

1.7 Personal Data Protection:

Securing your personal data and ensuring this data is handled properly is a key priority for us, we make sure that personal data is only made available to those who have a need to see them, one of the methods we follow to achieve this goal is by implementing technical and organisational measures, including, and not limited to the following:

  1. Controlling access to systems and networks.
  2. Providing employees with appropriate data protection training.
  3. Implementing appropriate data security controls such as encryption.
  4. Deleting & disposing personal data when it it’s no longer needed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations (in compliance with Article 18 of the Personal Data Protection Law).
  5. Implementing a secure physical environment for your hard copy printed personal data records.

1.8 Your rights associated with your personal data processing:

In accordance with the provision of the Personal Data Protection Law, and as a personal data owner, you shall have the following rights:

  1. The right to be informed, by notifying you of the legal basis for collecting your personal data, and the purpose thereof, and that your data will not be processed later in a manner inconsistent with the purpose for which it is collected for, or in cases other than those stipulated in Article (10) of the Personal Data Protection Law.
  2. The right to access your personal data in the ministry to view it and obtain a copy thereof in a format that is clear and identical to the content of the records, free of charge - as determined by the regulations - without prejudice to the stipulations of the Credit Information Law regarding the financial consideration, and without prejudice to the stipulations of Article (9) of the Personal Data Protection Law.
  3. The right to request correction, completion or updating of your available personal data in the ministry.
  4. The right to request the destruction of your available personal data in the ministry which is no longer needed, without prejudice to the provisions of Article (18) of the Personal Data Protection Law.

It is important to understand that these rights may be subject to certain exemptions set by the law and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis to ensure they are valid.

1.9 Do you have any inquiries or complaints?

In the event of any inquiries, complaints, or requests regarding your rights or what is stated in this privacy notice in general, you may communicate with the Data Management Office at the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development via the contact form.