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Rules for Proving Physical Disability for Work

Publication date: 02 April 2023 - 11 Ramadan 1444

Article (30/11) of the implementing regulations of the civil service law issued by virtue of Civil Service Council decision No. (1) dated 27/07/1397 AH provides the following: (The service of the employee shall be terminated if his medical incapacity for work is proven, and the General Bureau of Civil Service determines the methods of proving this incapacity). A regulation for termination of service was subsequently issued under Civil Service Council decision No. 1/813 dated 20/08/1423 AH. Article (9) thereof, which replaced the above-mentioned article, provides the following: An employee’s service shall end if established that such employee is physically disabled, based on a decision issued from the medical authority. This shall take effect as of the date on which the employee’s workplace is notified of the medical authority’s decision. The employee shall be terminated within thirty days as of the date of issuing the medical authority’s decision. In addition, the Ministry of Civil Service shall specify the procedures to be followed in that regard. An employee, whose service ended for health conditions, may be reinstated without a competition, to the previous position if vacant, or to another position with the same requirements fulfilled by such employee in the same authority where the employee used to work, or any other authority under the following conditions: 1. Such employee shall be examined by the public medical authority to prove if physically fit for the job. 2. The absence period shall not exceed two years. 3. The grade to which the employee is intended to be reinstated shall not be above the grade of the previous job before the end of service. Besides, an employee shall be reinstated to the authority where such employee used to work for if there is a suitable job. Otherwise, another suitable job shall be found by the Ministry of Civil Service in the other government authorities. The circular of General Bureau of Civil Service formerly ( Ministry of Civil Service currently) has been issued earlier No. 4/N/56 dated 9/10/1398 AH still in force since it is not cancelled nor amended. It provides the following:-

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