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The Decision to Localize Project Management Professions

Publication date: 20 May 2024 - 12 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1445

Procedural Guide on the Decision to Localize Project Management Professions 1. Introduction and Purpose of Guide In implementation of the Ministerial Decision No. (141749) dated (11/09/1444 AH) on Localization of the Project Management Professions by ratio of 35% as first phase and 40% as second phase, which is deemed one of the localization decisions on which the HRSD has worked to provide the national graduates having quantitative qualifications with suitable employment opportunities and provide an appropriate and stimulative work environment for national cadres in the private sector and enhance their work in vital jobs to contribute to the development of the private sector. The Decision takes into account the circumstances of labor market in the project management professions and the number of jobseekers from relevant specialties, and takes into account the current students who will join labor market within the few upcoming years as well as the status of the private sector and its uptake for national human cadres in professional specialties. This Guide explains the details of the Decision on Localization of the Project Management Professions, including the targeted professions, the imposed ratios, the ratio calculation for employees and the penalties, and support programs provided by the human resources and social development system to support the private sector in implementing the decision, in addition to answers to the FAQs.

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